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What’s New in Real Estate?

It’s been an interesting last few weeks with Real Estate, the Stock Market and Interest Rates! First… With the debt ceiling deal in place (thank god), what’s in store for us a country?  See what AP News wrote.  Glad this got put into place as interest rates in just 2 weeks rose .5% and since […]

New Loan Program – 10% Down up to $2.2m in Price with No MI!

Yes…You heard right!  We now have a program that will allow a buyer with a mid fico score of 740 or higher to purchase a home up at $2.2m in price at just 10% down with no MI.   In addition, we can underwrite these loans in-house at our office with a complete credit package to […]

Market Update – New Opportunities

Good Afternoon, Last week, Mark Jamison, Senior Wealth Director of BNY Mellon in Menlo Park invited me to his office to listen to ACG present on the economy and what they believe will occur over the next 12 months. (To view the actual presentation, click here.) In the panel, consisting of Senior Analyst from BNY, […]

The New Jumbo 2 to 1 Buydown…

I have a new loan product that helps developers sell more property in today’s high-rate market.  It’s called 2 to 1 Jumbo Loan and no retail bank offers it. The concept of this program works like this… Current jumbo rates are approximately 6%.  The buydown (which is priced a tad higher than current market), allows […]

Lower Interest Rates & Payments in this Market?

This is something relevant to the market that could help buyers and sellers in this competitive real estate space… Lower Rates and Payments in this Market?  How? By Rob McCarthy – 101 Loan LLC dtd 10/26/2022 I recently wrote this article (https://101loan.com/blog/2-1-buy-down-to-lower-rate-and-payment/) on 2 to 1 buy downs (or 3 to 2 to 1 buy […]

What’s Wrong with Reverse Mortgages?

Over the last 30+ years, I have been providing 3 types of financing to clients… Residential Financing, Commercial Financing and Reverse Mortgage Financing. In that time, I have seen all 3 improve and evolve but the one category that has improved the most is Reverse Mortgages.  In the past, when a customer applied for one, […]