What Your Financial Planner May Not Be Telling You

Financial Planning can be a complicated equation with several moving parts that are constantly changing.  I recently heard that, a house with a crumbling foundation is worthless.  A house, like a financial plan, must have a solid foundation or eventually it can be weakened or even worthless!

This made me wonder why I rarely hear about insurance products as a foundational tool for a properly designed financial plan.  Insurance to some may seem expensive, yet what’s the true cost of NOT having insurance?   I have heard the term “Self-Insuring” or handling the potential risk on your own, seems to be a risky approach to protecting one’s current estate, future retirement lifestyle and legacy for their loved one’s.

We recently learned that there are three primary risks in retirement that jeopardize a retiree of achieving their dream retirement: (1) Market Volatility Risk; (2) Tax Risk; and (3) Longevity Risk.  In other words, losing money in the stock market, while taxes increase and living a long time, could have high risks once retired.

Life Insurance comes in various forms, based upon one’s protection needs:

  • Term life insurance is known as temporary life insurance.  It covers you for a specific period of time.
  • Permanent life insurance is known as cash value life insurance.  It’s used to address permanent concerns and typically covers one until death.
  • Life Insurance provides benefits that can strengthen your overall financial plan.

Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance is a “safety net” for an extended period of time:

  • The need for care may be due to cognitive or physical impairment.
  • LTC can be paid monthly, annually or in a single premium.
  • A 65-year old couple has a 70% chance of one of them needing LTC in their lifetime.

Disability Insurance (DI) is income protection that we can rely on while we are working:

  • If unable to perform one’s job duties, DI will replace a portion of their income, tax-free.
  • DI allows for the continued funding of lifestyle and retirement plans.
  • Severance disability insurance plans can be included in severance packages.

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Finding a Life Insurance, Long Term Insurance or Disability Insurance Advisor that understands how to stabilize the foundation that your financial plan sits on, is key to a successful plan.

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