Rob’s Report – Covering the Market, Why a Heloc May Not Make Sense and How a Concurrent Closing May be A Great Solution in Buying in Today’s Market…

It’s been some time since I sent out a newsletter on rates, the market and food for thought in the world of real estate…

What’s prompted me to send a report now has a lot to do with rising home inventory, rising interest rates and the Dow Jones, down by 11.32% year to date currently resting at 32,654 down from 36,799 back on January 4th.

About RATES…

First a foremost as we have seen rates increase from 2.75% in December of 2021 to 4.75 (and higher) to date with only a .75 increase in rates by the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve is expected to increase rates 4 more times pushing Prime from a current 4% to 6% in the future and who knows how much higher residential, commercial, and reverse rates will go.

About HELOC’s…

With rising rates, why would a consumer choose a HELOC for cashout over a fixed rate 1st, when HELOC’s can only keep pushing up in rate as most of them are tied to Prime plus a 1 Margin or as of today, 5%.  If the Fed continues with what they said, then a HELOC’s future rate, will be closer to 7% in the near future based on what they are predicting.  In summary, why not lock into a fixed rate now?  In addition, there are some things to consider on why a HELOC may not make sense:

  • Were in a rising rate climate with prime now at 4% plus a margin of 1 (or higher) resulting in a rate of 5% or higher in rate
  • Due to changes in the tax code back in 2018, one cannot write off HELOC’s or 2nd’s, interest wise.
  • Due to their volatility…In the past if property values dropped, HELOC lenders would cut the “line” amount or freeze the account all together.

If you’d like to look at a 1st mortgage refinance, please complete the following…


With rates climbing, home values potentially leveling out and the Dow Jones down by 11% in 2022, much of what we have seen ever 10 years seems to be starting over again and consumer confidence is dropping.  If your over 55 years of age and have at the least 45% equity in your home, you might want to consider the benefits of a fixed rate reverse mortgage.  To determine your options without running credit, please go to and complete and we will research your options and provide them to you.

CONCURRENT CLOSING’s and Their Benefits…

If your thinking of buying a home and bridge options don’t work for you at, you might consider a concurrent closing based on the following steps:

  1. Get pre-approved based on selling current home.
  2. Start looking at new homes and list your current home.
  3. Accept an Offer with a flexible long closing and with a flexible long rent back after you close.
  4. Make a contingent offer or no contingent offer depending on when your closing date is on selling.
  5. Close on the home you are selling and then close on new home or concurrently close at the same time.

Since the market is still strong and more inventory comes on each day, this is a solution you may want to consider as the incredible savings compared with any of the options in the above lin

If you would like to purchase or refinance a property or obtain a reverse mortgage and rid yourself of mortgage payments, 

BTW…To Learn More About Inflation and the Market, go to here.

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