What We Do is Different!

Some lenders provide great rates but lack service. Some lenders provide great service but lack good rates. At 101 Loan, we provide both but when it comes to making an offer on your behalf, we go the extra mile to ensure your offer is the strongest possible in the eyes of the seller. This includes the following and something most banks, brokers or credit unions don’t offer:

1) We get you completely pre-approved before you make an offer, so you won’t need a loan contingency something seller’s now require.

2) We strategize with you and your agent, to close in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of contingencies while keeping your risk as low as possible.

3) At time of offer, we call the listing agent on behalf of you and your Realtor to differentiate your offer over someone else’s. (This makes the biggest difference in the eyes of the listing agent and seller)

4) We close purchases in 21 to 25 days depending on the loan program you choose. Faster is better in the eyes of the seller!

5) We provide a timeline to you and both Realtors, once you are locked, detailing each step of the transaction to ensure a smooth transaction.

6) We ensure you know exactly what the loan will cost you once locked and then update you again on the amount needed to close, prior to signing the closing docs.

7) We coordinate your signoff with escrow and your agents to ensure your purchase closes on time as scheduled.

8) We basically, “micro-manage” your purchase from start to finish to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Any questions, please contact me at 408-377-4123 or at rob@101 loan.com.