A Thanksgiving Miracle

“My husband and I had just had a baby and were in the middle of escrow with a large company recommended to first time homebuyers by the state of CA. Then the loan officer ghosted us after promising the Sun, Moon and the stars aka closing on time to appease the seller. After multiple messages and calls to the loan officer with no response I didn’t know what to do. The seller was frustrated, we were scared we were going to lose the house, and this was our first time buying a home so we had no knowledge of how to get out of the hole the mortgage company abandoned us in.

Then my in-laws recommended a man named Rob McCarthy. As soon as we talked to him the anxiety started to fade. He told us it was going to be difficult to close our loan due to the complication, which is probably why the other loan company bailed, but he would make sure to do everything he could to make it happen. I was a little skeptical as I heard that before. But, he ACTUALLY DID!!

Rob and his incredible senior associate Renee overcame every obstacle, spoke to the seller to reassure them, worked with us every day, and then right as we get to the finish line (escrow) there is a major hack affecting sales all over the country. Our purchase agreement was going to expire, the loan lock we extended twice was set to expire, Rob was on his Thanksgiving vacation out of the country and I was losing hope. Renee and Rob got the lender everything they needed and from an ocean away, Rob stayed in contact and reassured us, calmed us down, walked us off the cliff and demanded escrow figure out a way around an incredibly difficult situation and because of the wonderful relationships he has built they did just that.

The night before Thanksgiving we got the text that the incredible escrow officer and a team of 5 had worked nonstop and got the title transferred just before the expiration and the house was finally ours. It would take a novel to explain everything Rob and Renee had to overcome to make this happen, but just know if they can make it happen for us when all the cards were against us and come out with a full house, they can make any dream come true. They are the dream team and it isn’t because they sell you what you want to hear but because what they say they actually make a reality!

Thanks to them our baby girl will celebrate her first Christmas in the home and hopefully many, many more after that.”

— Melanie and Mason McNulty

The Hardest Loan We Have Ever Closed…

Over the last 30 years of doing business, many of my power partners that include Realtors, Financial Planners, Tax Planners and Divorce Attorney’s (& past clients) have said many nice things about how we run our business.  This includes:

  • Great follow-up
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Ownership of the loan from start to finish
  • Great communication to all parties involved
  • Access to multiple lenders giving us lending flexibility

This week we closed the hardest most time intensive loan ever, that was referred to us by a past client.

A family member of theirs, had been declined by another bank due to the complexity of their loan and the fact that they had put money into the property before actually owning it which is a big no no for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  After exhaustive conversations with the lender and with Fannie Mae over several weeks coupled with multiple condition requests to the borrower, we were able to get the loan fully approved by the bank.

We closed this week on Tuesday and the clients thanked us stating that we pulled off a major “Hail Mary” and thanked us for not quitting and seeing it through.

I shared this experience and story with my son and he said…”Dad, do you know why people use you and refer business to you?  Its because you close deals. You’re the definition of a true closer”.

This made me remember a testimonial that a long-time friend and CPA once shared at a networking event in front of 50 other professionals about me. He stated, “I send business to Rob because he gets Shit done”. I guess that pretty much sums me and my staff up!

If you need help with a loan or would like to learn more about what we do, please contact me or go to this page to learn more.

Have a Great Week!

Rob McCarthy

Senior Mortgage Advisor

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