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Rates dipped a few weeks ago however rates went up for the following reasons: Lack of Real Estate Inventory for Sale (1 month or less inventory in some areas) Low Unemployment (at 3.6%) Lenders took to much business in. Government offices are closed delaying purchases and refinances. Market Volatility – Lenders don’t know how to […]

Are Values Really Going To Go Higher?

Recently rates dropped, but that didn’t last long. Numerous economic reports (see report below) came out showing positive signs that the economy will “steam” forward coupled with the Federal Reserve’s statement that they have “no plans on increasing rates in 2019” means one thing in the near future…Higher Values and Higher Rates! (Rates tend to increase when […]

What We Do is Different!

Some lenders provide great rates but lack service. Some lenders provide great service but lack good rates. At 101 Loan, we provide both but when it comes to making an offer on your behalf, we go the extra mile to ensure your offer is the strongest possible in the eyes of the seller. This includes […]

Consumer Confidence Soars…

There are 99 factors affecting the current housing market, but tariffs ain’t one? Consumers seem to ignore threats of a trade war as consumer confidence soars. But what does that mean for the housing market? This issue answers that question and more, including: